CXF Extension for Quarkus

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is a normalized exchange protocol based on XML, predating the era of REST services.

This extension enables you to develop web services that consume and produce SOAP payloads using the Apache CXF libraries.

This extension provides access to all these specifications for your Quarkus applications (testing and documentation in progress).

Native Mode Support

Native mode is currently supported for Java 11.

In addition to the core quarkus-cxf module, you may also leverage the following modules for full native support of the respective CXF modules.

  • quarkus-cxf-rt-features-logging

  • quarkus-cxf-rt-features-metrics

  • quarkus-cxf-rt-ws-security

  • quarkus-cxf-rt-transports-http-hc5

Contract vs Code First

Contract and code first development are both fully supported in this extension.

You can refer to the following CXF links for more details on the different styles of developing a service consumer or provider.

CXF provides a wsdl2java utility as well as a Maven plugin called cxf-codegen-plugin to generate fully annotated Java code from a WSDL document. The autogenerated Java classes are fully compatible with this extension.

Sample Code

The integration-tests module in the codebase provides various examples that demonstrate how to use this extension effectively.

Issues and Support

Please feel free to start a discussion or open an issue in the GitHub repository in case you need support. The following general guidelines can be used to determine whether to start a discussion or open an issue.

GitHub Issues

  • Bug reports

  • Feature requests

GitHub Discussions

  • Q&A and general communication

  • RFCs for new features

Contributions and pull requests from the community are welcome.